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Our Featured Agency this month is the Sebastopol Police Department.  Sebastopol is a beautiful community in Sonoma County, California.  Their agency is led by Kevin Kilgore who serves as the Chief of Police.  You can launch the Sebastopol Police Department agency page now to view their actual community feedback.

The Sebastopol Police Department

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Open Policing is based on research

The Four Pillars of Procedural Justice

There is a growing body of research on people’s perception of fairness in dealing with law enforcement and public institutions. This research has shown that people’s perception of the quality of police encounters depends less on outcomes, but more on whether they feel treated in a fair or procedurally just way.  Research has demonstrated that procedural justice is vital for building trust and increasing legitimacy in policing.  Open Policing has integrated these four pillars of procedural justice into our solution to measure, on a national scale, how policing in each community affects public trust.


People are given a chance to tell their side of the story.


People are treated with dignity and respect.


Decisions are based on fair principles and legal rules, not biases or prejudices.


The officer or agency sincerely tried to consider the needs of the various people to do what’s best.

Our Goals

Improve Community Trust

Open Policing helps communities build trust in policing through feedback, engagement, and dialogue.

Address Concerns Faster

Ongoing community feedback is a vital component to improving policies and procedures

Increase Transparency

Open Policing is built from the ground up with transparency in mind.  The voice of your community matters.

Reduce Liability

The data from Open Policing can help communities identify the necessary interventions to reduce liability.

Increase Community Engagement Now

Every encounter between law enforcement and the community is an opportunity for public feedback.  All feedback is an opportunity to increase engagement and dialogue.

Ask us about CAD/RMS Integration

Our platform has been designed to integrate with CAD/RMS systems to automatically invite community feedback, making the whole process seamless and effortless.

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Once we provision an agency page for your community, feedback is Quick, Secure, and Anonymous.

Request an Agency Page for your Community

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