Building Community Trust Through Feedback, Engagement, and Dialogue

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Our Goals

Improve Community Trust

Open Policing helps communities build trust in policing through feedback, engagement, and dialogue.

Address Concerns Faster

Ongoing community feedback is a vital component to improving policies and procedures

Increase Transparency

Open Policing is built from the ground up with transparency in mind.  The voice of your community matters.

Reduce Liability

The data from Open Policing can help communities identify the necessary interventions to reduce liability.

Here's Why People Trust Open Policing


Reduction in citizen complaints

3 min

to complete community surveys


Secure and Anonymous

Increase Community Engagement Now

Every encounter between law enforcement and the community is an opportunity for public feedback.  All feedback is an opportunity to increase engagement and dialogue.

In the 1980s and 90s, we had an on-going customer satisfaction survey in my department which asked how we were doing (every 50th case number was pulled — including surveying persons we arrested. At first, my officers were wary until they figured out how satisfied citizens were with how they were doing. I can’t imagine being a police chief today without something like Open Policing to let me know how my department was doing. You want to build trust? This is the way to find out whether what you are doing is working.

— David Couper, Chief of Police (Ret), Madison, Wisconsin (1972-93)

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives

Champions in Technology Award

Open Policing is the proud recipient of this prestigious award that recognizes individuals and organizations who have leveraged technology to make a positive impact on the relationship between law enforcement and the communities in which they serve.

Ask us about CAD/RMS Integration

Our platform has been designed to integrate with CAD/RMS systems to automatically invite community feedback, making the whole process seamless and effortless.

" Law enforcement agencies should track the level of trust in police by their communities just as they measure changes in crime. Annual community surveys, ideally standardized across jurisdictions and with accepted sampling protocols, can measure how policing in that community affects public trust. "

— Task Force on 21st Century Policing

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