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Join the elite group of agencies using Open Policing to build trust in policing though feedback, engagement, and dialogue.


Open Policing is based on research

Measure the Four Pillars of Procedural Justice

There is a growing body of research on people’s perception of fairness in dealing with law enforcement and public institutions. This research has shown that people’s perception of the quality of police encounters depends less on outcomes, but more on whether they feel treated in a fair or procedurally just way.  Research has demonstrated that procedural justice is vital for building trust and increasing legitimacy in policing.  Open Policing has integrated these four pillars of procedural justice into our solution to measure, on a national scale, how policing in each community affects public trust.


People are given a chance to tell their side of the story.


People are treated with dignity and respect.


Decisions are based on fair principles and legal rules, not biases or prejudices.


The officer or agency sincerely tried to consider the needs of the various people to do what’s best.

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Join the elite group of law enforcement agencies who use Open Policing to engage their community, build trust, and obtain real-time public feedback.


You'll Be In Great Company

In the 1980s and 90s, we had an on-going customer satisfaction survey in my department which asked how we were doing (every 50th case number was pulled — including surveying persons we arrested. At first, my officers were wary until they figured out how satisfied citizens were with how they were doing. I can’t imagine being a police chief today without something like Open Policing to let me know how my department was doing. You want to build trust? This is the way to find out whether what you are doing is working.

— David Couper, Chief of Police (Ret), Madison, Wisconsin (1972-93)

“In our small town of Moultrie, we are thrilled to be among the first in the country to leverage the Open Policing technology to help us better engage our community and build trust.”

— Chief Frank Lang, Retired (Moultrie Police Department, Moultrie, GA)

Engage Your Community and Build Trust

Build trust in policing in your community though increased engagement, dialogue, and real-time public feedback.


What People Are Saying

Impressed w Officer Fenske

“Officer Fenske pulled me over for an expired registration sticker and was very understanding that I had the sticker and just hadn’t put it on the car (it had been in the repair shop for months during which time my new reg sticker came in). He explained the transparency of the force and was very kind and polite. He should be commended.”

Treated with Respect and ...

“I am 68 years old with a clean driving record and am a very careful driver. I ran through a stop sign, slowly but ran through it none the less. The officer who pulled me over told me immediately why I was pulled over (stating it was a problematic intersection) asked for my DL and she ran a check me. She was very polite. I was given a warning which I really appreciated.”

Problem Corrected by Officer

“Tiburon PD stopped me on June 25th because my car’s license plate number was incorrectly flagged in the DMV database as a stolen vehicle. I was unaware and unable to correct the situation myself. However, Officer Christian took the extra steps to clearly explain and correct the situation for me.”