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Building community trust through engagement and dialogue.

We help build trust in policing by facilitating feedback and dialogue between law enforcement and the communities in which they serve.

Facilitate Community Dialogue

Greater transparency leads to greater trust

Improved public safety and awareness


Officers invite community feedback during public interactions


Community Members log into Open Policing to post anonymous feedback


Officers/Agencies review anonymous feedback & improve best practices


Communities & Agencies benefit from improved trust, transparency, and public safety.

Community Members

Learn about your Agency's demographics, performance, and progress

Anonymously share feedback of your interactions with police or report public safety concerns

Why use Open Policing?

"Law enforcement agencies should track the level of trust in police by their communities just as they measure changes in crime. Annual community surveys, ideally standardized across jurisdictions and with accepted sampling protocols, can measure how policing in that community affects public trust."

- The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing
Recommendation 1.7

Police Agencies

Agencies and Officers can sign up to view, analyze, and reply to community feedback

Engage the community with a customized dashboard that represents your Agency. Access your data anywhere, anytime

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